Purdue to change back to old oxycontin formula

11. prosince 2011 v 21:58

Are the old oxycontin formula coming back in 2011. She also told me that the formula for Oxycontin was changing and that herniation in my lumbar spine and pain down .
Last month my pharmacy did not tell me it was the NEW FORMULA and I just thought they now permited generic again. (co-pay the same). I mentioned to my wife that I was .
What the strange saga of Purdue and its $3 billion drug tells us about our national dependence on painkillers. FORTUNE -- We have Purdue to change back to old oxycontin formula become a nation of pill .
Culture - Purdue changing "OCs" to "OPs" with a tamper proof formula Oxycodone
From: http://www.pharmer.org/forum/discussion-presc. .. "Purdue (company) who makes OxyContin (Product: controlled release oxycodone) has given temporary 'generic .
Syria. Qatar state media: Arab League issues Syria new deadline
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced results today of the investigation into the illegal promotion of OxyContin by The Purdue Frederick Company, makers .
i have hear they are pulling the oxycontin op off of the shelf once the ones already made are gone Purdue to change back to old oxycontin formula they are going back to the original formula does anyone know if .
Since the mods ruled no more "generic" OC talk through the thread "Defeating the new OC time release" this will be the new thread,complete with all informational and .
is Oxycontin going back to their old formula OC instead of OP I noticed it does take longer for the op to work maybe 30 45 minutes longer and the pain relief has .
6 Answers - Posted in: oxycontin, pain, opiate withdrawal, substance abuse - Answer: Hi Chris, thanks for sending the info - I was on Oxycodone(MR) .

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