Which is stronger percocet or dilaudid

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How much stronger is dilaudid than morphine? I.e. 8 times stronger? ChaCha Answer: Dilaudid and Morphine are about the same kind of d.
stronger than percocet Which is stronger percocet or dilaudid forums and articles. Learn about and discuss stronger than percocet at The People's Medicine Community.
My best friend has chronic back pain..She was taking Percocet 10/325 (325 being the tylenol)..She has recently switched to Dilaudid # 4. What is the
Best Answer: Dilaudid is a stronger pain medication but its duration isnt as great. Dilaudid is really pure morphine in a pill form. Oxycontin might be the best .
Is dilaudid stronger than percocet? ChaCha Answer: Dilaudid is an effective pain med, a stronger opiate than Oxycodone and hydro.
ive been taking 2 to 3 percocet 5/325 everyday twice or 3 times a day for about 3 years. my doc wants me to switch to dilaudid. im wondering which is stronger? if i .
Dilaudid would be more potent than Norco. Dilaudid is roughly 5-7x more potent than morphine where as hydrocodone is .6 the potency of 10mg of morphine.
Best Answer: First of all they are both strong medications and should not be taken more than what it says on the prescription. Frankly I don't get why he gave you .
Best Answer: You couldn't urinate because you were so high from the fentanyl, you have to concentrate and try harder. That was the strongest! Dilaudid is also very .
In early 2002, I was diagnosed with bulging/herniated L5 and S1 disks with an annular tear between the L5-S1 disks. My dr. put me on Percocet. Within
Is Dilaudid stronger than Percocet? Yes, Dilaudid is stronger than

Which is stronger percocet or dilaudid

Percocet. Dilaudid, whose generic name is hydromorphone hydrochloride, is a narcotic analgesic .
how does dilaudid compare to percocet or lortab,? Which is stronger percocet or dilaudid how well does it control pain?
I have been on both Percocet and Hydromorphone, and for me Hydromorphone is the better one for pain, the Perc's just knocked me out and they are really hard on your .
Last week I was given an Rx for Percocet 10/325 #60 telling me to take two tablets every 8 hrs. The Percocet was making me itch badly so after much discussion of .
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